First Area in Russia – Volgograd

September 16, 2008

Well after much prayer and fasting (by the missionaries, families, and many friends), Elder Addis’ (Michael’s) district was finally on it’s way to Russia.  It must have taken 30 hrs or so of air travel to finally get there.  But they were greeted by President & Sister Harrison (all 19 of them – two districts arrived at once).  They didn’t have long in Rostov at the Mission Home before they were all shipped out to their first areas. 

Russia is a difficult enough lanuage to be immersed in after studing it for 3 months in the MTC but can you imagine studying it for 3 months, then speaking English for 4 weeks and getting thrown into total immerssion in Russia?  It was difficult to say the least for these missionaries.  Michael struggled at the beginning but now after being out about 15 months he’s speaking pretty well.  In fact he recently was paid a huge compliament – someone thought he was a native to the Baltics (Latvia etc).  Of course native Russians would never think an American could speak Russian that well!

Here are some pictures of his first area – Volgograd (I think it means the Red City) of course any reference to ‘Red’ in Russia is a reference to Communism.  But that’s another topic of discussion all together.  Enjoy the pictures.

Elder Addis Sportin' His New Russian Coat

Elder Addis Outside a Typical Russian Apartment Building

Elder Addis Posing for the Camera

Elder Addis at 'The Motherland Calls' Statue

Elder ?, Elder Hansen, Elder ?, Elder Addis

Branch Member ?, Branch Member ?, Elder Jones, Branch Member ?, Elder Addis

Missionaries and Branch Members in Volgograd

'The Motherland Calls' Statue - Erected in 1967

A Church in Volgograd


One Response to “First Area in Russia – Volgograd”

  1. Anonymous said

    the picture of the 4 elders in front of the mother russia statue the elder to elder addis’ right is elder mcshinskey

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