Second Area – Krasnodar

September 16, 2008

From what Elder Addis (Michael) told us Krasnodar was a much more modern city.  There he lived in the ritziest apartment in the mission – still not much compared to US standards.  He did a video tour of his apartment but I’ll have to post that a little later.

Elder Hansen, Elder Johnson, Elder Addis, Elder Barrows

Elder Addis Taking Goofy Pictures

Skyline of Kranodar - They Tract in Buildings like the One Here

Krasnodar and Elder Addis' Face

Handsome Elder Addis

New Ties for Elder Addis' Birthday! Quite the Assortment

Look...the Whole Addis Family is in Russia!

P-day Playing Frisbee with the Youth

Church in Krasnodar

Church in Krasnodar


3 Responses to “Second Area – Krasnodar”

  1. Gina Woodhouse said

    Beautiful photos. He looks right at home. I love the collection of ties!

  2. What a great idea to have a blog for your mission!! Everything is great at P1 and we miss your family! we had so many addis’s and then POOF! they’re all grown up!

    You are doing such amazing things for the people of Russia. THanks for being an example to us here at home!

  3. Anonymous said

    One of your pictures says church in Krasnadar (the one with the gold roof), however I think it is the main church in Rostov, no?

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