Subject: Good to Hear

November 19, 2008

Hello Mommy and all others.

Another week has passed by. It’s still not too cold here, but enough to wear my winter coat. Yesterday as it was getting dark, we saw a huge flock of birds flying south, so we know Ded Maroz (grandpa frost, the Russian Santa Clause) is on his way.

Good to here about the passing of that Proposition. It’s written in the Book of Mormon that usually the majority will choose right as to the commandments of the Lord. Looks like America is still hanging on to that. Also good to hear that gas prices have dropped. All the other not so good stuff, not so good to hear about it, but what can ya do? That’s life.

Today, our water was turned off, so I’m neither bathed or shaved yet, but hopefully when we get home, I’ll be able to take a hot shower. Yeah, we’ve had hot water for a while, I don’t know if I mentioned that. It makes those cold showers feel like a bad dream.

Speaking of dreams, my companion talks a good amount in his sleep. Pretty funny. He tells me he has weird dreams. One time he dreamed that someone broke into our apartment. He’s not the first. When I was with Elder Hansen, he also talked in his sleep…in russian. One time I woke up to hear him say , “kak eto…huh?!” Way funny, I laughed and fell back asleep.

The past week has been pretty dang slow. Haven’t been teaching that much. Haven’t been finding that many new investigators. That Alexander who we were teaching is just way to Orthodox and is just too engrained with tradition. He can’t but his brain around the concept of authority from God and how it was lost in the APostasy and restored through Joseph SMith. We’re not teaching him anymore, but he says he’ll still read and pray to find out whether the BoM is true.

We went to our Anatoli who we haven’t seen in a very long time. He is also lost in the traditions of his fathers. But, he’s a little purer in heart. He’s a very good guy. But, he doesn’t think he can get an answer until he reads the BoM cover to cover. He’s now in the Book of Jacob. Wonder that he got through the Isaiah chapters.

The other one we have is Roman. We haven’t seen him in a while because he has been working a lot. He’s been in Rostov and we’ll probably seen him at the end of the week.

We had a lady Alla, but she dropped us because her husband is coming home and she won’t haven any time because they “always have guests coming over.” And, you all probably know what goes down in Russia when friends get together. They’ll  be going through bottles faster than a dehydrated infant.

Elder Busov and I are doing fine. Thanks for thinking of him, Caroline. I don’t know if we’ll be around each other when I get your package, but I’ll make sure he gets everything with his name on it. It’s awesome how the fact that he has no familial support doesn’t phase him at all. He’s strong.

Well, that’s all we got for you. Thank you for all your prayers. Contine to prayer for our investigators and for the families of Shakhty so they” listen to us for at least a couple minutes so they can feel the Spirit witness that we’re from the Lord.

Much love

Elder Addis

ps Special love to Grandma Addis from the other side of the whole wide world and back again infinity times.


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