Volgograd is situated near the Tsaritsa and Volga Rivers.  When the city was first settled a fortress called Tsaritsyn was built there. Hence how Vologograd got it’s first name which it had from 1598 to 1925.  Because of it’s proximity to the rivers Tsaritsyn was an important trading settlement for Russia.

During the Russian Civil War the city experience heavy fighting.  The actions of Joseph Stalin (the local military chairman) were credited with saving the city.  In his honor the city was renamed Stalingrad (grad means city) in 1925.  Under Stalin the city became heavily industrialized.  During WWII the Battle of Stalingrad was a pivotal turning point in the war against Germany.  For the heroism shown during the battle the city was awarded the title of ‘Hero City’.

A large complex was built on Mamayev Kurgan (Mamaev Hill) to commemorate the battle.  This hill saw some of the most intense fighting during the battle.  The following photos are some that Elder Addis took while visiting Mamayev Kurgan. Click on each picture to see a larger version.

In 1961 the name of this city was changed once again, this time to Volgograd in a program of ‘de-Stalinization’.

Modern Volgograd is still an important industrial city.  It’s industries include shipbuilding, oil refining, aluminium production, manufacturing of machinery and vehicles, and chemical production.


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